Emersed background ideas


15 Nov 2015
Hi all, i'm in the midst of setting up a new shrimp tank, I actually have it running with water as I had to move my tanks, and i'm planning on having a low water level with some vining plants coming out. I don't want it to be full of large emersed species as although the tank is 2ft wide and 2ft high I only have 16" front to back and want to keep it nice and open. So i'm planning just a few thin vining species at most.
The tank will be low tech and i'm just looking for ideas for a simple background. I'm thinking capillary matting to water the plants as i'd rather have most of their root mass out of the display water rather than having to have large pots in there, if that makes sense. So i'm not sure whether this matting will work and if it does what I cold hide it with as I won't be full plants. I had considered real wood but think there is a simpler solution.

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