Emersed(immersed?) carpeting plants

Discussion in 'Plant Help' started by Ark, 26 Oct 2008.

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    15 Oct 2007
    Hanham Bristol
    hey peeps,
    ive seen alot of people forming carpets in their tanks by growing plants emersed in the substrate and spraying them with water a bit.

    after a a large algae outbreak i recently patched up my rio 125, and in a moment of madness i poured a bag of silicia sand into my tank. i was having a few issues with the akadama, so i had a tub of laterite mixed it in with the akadama and then put a 2 inch layer of sand ontop.

    i havent scaped the tank at all just plunked it in at once, i salvaged whatever plants i could.
    the tank looks a mess.
    so im planning to scape after christmas properly.

    ive seen alot of people do carpet tank emersed. i was wondering what plant do you thinks would be better suited for my tank to grow emersed.

    Specs -
    rio 125
    lighting comes from 2x 24watt t5 hagen luminaire, ~1.7wpg roughly
    i dose easycarbo and tpn+

    i would like to try echinodurus tenellus or dwarf hairgrass,
    what do you think would be better choice to go for, also any other recommendations on similar plants.

    another also what would be better for the plants to root into silica sand or flourite black?

    thanks in advanced Ark

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