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Ends of plants going brown, new aquascape


15 Mar 2011
Hi all.

my new aquascape has been up and running since Wednesday, last night I noticed the tips of a few plants going brown.

126 litre (lidded) aquarium, 80cm wide, 45cm high and 35cm deep. Substrate volcanic ash, Tropica aquarium soil, Tropica aquarium soil powder.

Oase Biomaster Thermo 350, top tray left as it came with orange sponge, all other trays about 3/4 filled with Neo Media Soft except second to top which is half filled with Neo MedianSoft and also has Seachem Purigem in it.

Doing 75% water changes every morning, then putting in Seachem Prime, Seachem Stability and Ada Python Git Plus. (I appreciate many of you will think that’s an unnecessary expense, but the amount of money I’ve spent on tank, hard scape and plants, I thought I might as well go the whole way).

I put in TNC Complete plant food on both Wednesday and Thursday but didn’t put it in yesterday (says once a week on it, but as I’m changing 3/4 water each day I thought I’d do it every other day from Thursday). I’m now going to put this in every day during my 2 week daily water change.

My light is a Superfish Slim 74 (par 230, 7300k)

I have the filter inlet and outlet and the drop checker on the front left side of the aquarium, not using spray bar, I have the outlet pointing to the opposite (right) side. The CO2 diffuser is on the front right side of the tank.

No fish or shrimp in at the momen.

CO2 is coming on at 10am, lights come on at 2pm by which time the drop checker is a nice shade of green.
CO2 s going off at 8 pm by which time the drop checker is a very light green, on the verge of turning yellow, the lights go off at 10pm.

I think that’s about everything, I’ve emailed Aquarium Gardens about this and have no doubt they will get back to me with suggestion, I just wondered what the other experts here thought could be the problem?

I’m thinking 3 things.
1) not enough plant food
2) lights on too long
3) it’s simply the plant’s settling in to their new environmen?

Many thanks,

I’ve attached a vid and a photo.

(watch until end to see problem, only 23 secs long)


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15 Mar 2011
I spoke to Aquarium Garden, very helpful as usual. Said I’m doing everything right except for my temperature which they recommended setting at 22 to 23 rather than the 26 I had mine set at.

it’s now set at 22c.

they also said I only need to put a few ml of plant food on each day when doing the daily water change (and said there’s a lot of different schools of thought on this).

They said that if the plant tips that are brown, spread more down the leaves (only doing this on two plants) , then remove the leaves that are brown, I asked what to do if all the leaves on a plant start to go brown, they said to prune it right back and they will grow again.

Even my wife, who while not unhappy, did initially think I spent way too much on my setup, is now saying that I made the right choice using a proper aquascape shop and thinks the after care service from Aquarium Gardens has been super, and more to the point thinks the aquarium looks really really nice :)

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