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Facebook Planted Tank Groups

Just wanted to find it so I could slag you off 🙄.
Too many groups to search though 🙁.
Fill your boots mates. I can handle it.

I'm sort of wishing I didn't leave now. It's killing me wondering what else is being said. Not to worry, on reflection I think what I stumbled into was a crusade against liquid carbon. I advised someone to use it and someone was being a blahblahblahblah about it but not really saying why just banging daft emojis on. I told him to stop doing it and if he had anything to say on the subject to do it and discuss it rather than act like an idiot. This guy went away and came back with some big guns who in all fairness seemed to know their onions. I seen that because he posted saying this is the post I was referring to and tagged someone else in, from then on in it was open season on everything I'd said.
Now I'm not going to even pretend I'm some sort of leading authority on the subject, the only comments I made were aerial growth and floating plants as well as LC giving a source of carbon. I felt pretty confident making them suggestions based on firstly I got taught them by people whose opinions I respect namely one Darrel amongst others and have tried and tested the method to good effect and the aerial growth part I have heard many times in here and also read up on it in the Walsted book ecology of the planted tank. So I was giving an answer to the best of my knowledge. Fair enough, I have a basic understanding of LC, enough to get by.

But to have essentially what appeared to be scientists and very experienced plant keepers accusing me of trying to pedal nonsense, not knowing what I'm talking about and basically talking rubbish and even warning people to ignore me I thought was a bit heavy.

Towards the end, a couple of people came in in my defence and said look You guys don't like LC but it has advantages in some people's tanks which is why I suspect there was a group of very experienced people in the who have decided to have a crusade against LC. Then I pop in here and here Clive recommending LC to someone and the benefits of the extra carbon

I think I just walked in to someone else's fight. If nothing else I did learn something about LC and how little carbon it adds to a tank so not a total loss

I stand by my other comments though, I didn't have the scientific knowledge to take these guys on and kept getting side tracked by idiots posting nonsense just to get my back up but these methods have worked for me, I understand why they work and that's all I need to know.

Just tried to pass that info on and got a bloody good rodgering for it.

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My bums still sore if I'm honest.

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If Clive did Facebook…. That would probably be the best Facebook group in the world:lol:

I've seen some hilarious reactions to Clive's advice from people who are a bit touchy and new to the scene. They honestly think he's ripping them a new one when the reality is, everything he says is done so with the best possible intentions and always with a "cheers" at the end. Some people are just touchy and think everyone is out to condescend to them.
I'll complicate this even further, as if I possibly could. BBC Radio Newsbeat advertised a job on Twitter for a non white black or ethnic journalist position. I messaged them saying I was all for positive steps when it comes to diversity in the workplace but did they not think that advertising a job as not available to white people was a bit discriminatory. They pointed out the nature of position was reporting on black and ethnic communities so it wouldn't be suited to a white person. I pointed out that even white people live inside ethnic communities and know about it as much as anyone else. By their reasoning what would Tim Westwood a white 60 year old DJ they employ know about hip hop.

I'm all for diversity but discrimination is discrimination even when they are trying to be positive. Jobs should be available to everyone regardless and based on merit for the best candidate.

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You literally couldn't write it!