Faster Growing Species not doing well

27 Oct 2009
I'm just wondering if species like Hygrophilia which are generally faster growing and Vallis not growing are a sign of any nutrient deficiency? In my previous tanks they have done well with little or no coaxing or knowledge of plants just using commercial ferts but for some reason there just not doing well in here. There is no signs in the leaves of any deficiency they just sort of sit there in suspended animation :)
In the past I have been throwing these in the composter every two week.
I'm currently dosing pmdd+po4 formula but at near on EI values due to the fact I'm currently doing a 30% weekly water change after some new fish additions which I will be cutting back to every two week once they are settled in.
I'm adding 12ml of macros and 4ml of micros based on James ratios daily. I believe that the PO4 in this mix is low though but I do have 2mgl in my tap water which I guess should make up the short fall.
Lighting is 2x30 watt T8 tubes one 15000k and 1 10000k which are on for eight hours a day, I have another 25 watt tube in the lid but have knocked this off for the last 3 week to make sure the nutrient/lighting balance is right. I also dose co2 pressurised which struggles to keep the co2 levels(equipment issue waiting for money :) ) and EasyCarbo at the reco dosing level of 1ml per 50ltrs the tank is 155ltrs.

Would increasing ferts be the answer? I did a nitrate test today which is the day before water change where in theory I should have my highest levels in the tank and yet again its 0 same as it always is :? My tap water also as 0 nitrates.

Is there a way on water change day to add all ferts dry direct to the tank to make sure all levels are right then to add the pmdd+po4 daily at normal levels. What would I need to add to a 155ltr tank to achieve this?
I feel at the minute that what may be happening is the balance is wrong day 1 at water change and never recovers before the next :?