Filter Output Directions

Lee Murray

8 Jul 2019
Cornwall U.K.
Hi, apologies if this topic has been covered elsewhere, (I have trawled through quite a few other posts but my medical problems mean I get very confused by too much info). I have a Rena 340L tank which you will see in the attached picture, it is 47" long, 19.5" front to back and 24" high, the current filter is a Fluval 406 and while it keeps the tank quite clean the flow rate doesn't seem to be good enough and I don't think my plants are getting enough liquid co2 or EI salts, (plus not all the debris seems to be getting sucked up as I don't think it is being suspended in the water long enough), anyway I have been looking at a lot of filters and think the Fluval FX4 might possibly be the one to do the job for me, (would love an FX6 as I use to have one and it was good, bit out of my price range though tbh), so 2 questions really, 1 - do you think the FX4 will be good enough, (if not any other recommendations would be gratefully appreciated), and 2 - what would be the best way to set it up so that all of my plants will benefit, (I appreciate that things like the wood in there will affect the flow), from an article I read on here earlier I'm thinking of possibly putting some joined together spray bars on the back wall so the water hits the front, rolls down then goes back towards the rear and, (hopefully), up again...............any ideas?


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