Finally got round to signing up, hey everyone!


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13 Jun 2020
Twyford, England
Hey guys and girls!

My name is Marty, I’m 25 and I’m a tattoo artist by trade.

finally bit the bullet and signed up, it’s been a long time coming - all of my questions I’ve had before had been answered by the lovely folk on this site, so I never got around to signing up.
Ive been keeping fish for two years now, started out with a ‘community’ tank that very quickly went wrong. Aggressive fish that decided to breed led me to having to get more tanks to keep everyone safe and happy.

At the time I was just starting to try and get into houseplants too but I couldn’t ever keep them happy, we didn’t have enough light, I couldn’t give them the humidity they needed, I just felt I couldn’t do anything about it - then I had a ‘lightbulb moment’
Why don’t I try and grow plants in my aquariums? I could then have complete control their environment, and finally succeed in growing plants as good as my nan

Then the real obsession began, plants galore! I quickly fell in love with planted tanks, after seeing some Instagram and Youtube I wanted to have tanks as beautiful as I could find online, it’s been a very steep learning curve! But I already had a few ‘weird fish’ for the aquascaping world - so I’ve had to scape without affecting the welfare of my fish and I’ve been slowly getting into it all. Trying to watch and observe my fish and make tanks that suited their personalities. I love it. I’m finally at a point now where I feel confident enough to share my tanks and hopefully get advice from you all! Of course help out others if I feel I can share some experiences.

I currently have 5 tanks in a tiny one bedroom house here in the UK and my girlfriend is clearly an enabler! Although she has drawn the line at 5 :(

I have a 160l tank with Tony by big ElliottI Cichlids and some Cory catfish
I have a 60l which is home to my beta fish Gogi
I have a 80l which is going to be my lil pea puffers home
A no tech jar experiment to see what I can grow at room temperature
And I have a 35l cube tank which I plan to get some shrimp going in once the puffer has moved out.

I’ll attach some pictures - let me know what you think!!

Sorry to ramble on, just very excited to be here!

10 Jun 2020
of all the places to find a fellow tattoo artist, was really hoping we were gonna be allowed back out to play on the 4th. Have you turned to aquascaping to cope with the lockdown ???