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New Member
19 Feb 2008
Well, it has only taken me about 12 hours to register on here thanks to a very nice man (Matt I think!). My burning question I had this morning has fizzled somewhat in this time but neverless I shall ask anyway! :oops:
Firstly though, I have a 200l bow fronted aquarium which replaced a 60L biorb at christmas. The plant has a good selection of tetras and the latest additions are 4 denisonii barbs which are beautiful. The tank is heavily planted with a huge mixture of plants as we wanted to see what would survive and what would not!!! However, the tank will be re-done in April with a smaller selection when we move - so this is considered as a trial period! :D

Now, on to my question.... I was looking through the Tropica catalogue and was really inspired by the cubes and plants in vases which made me think that I would love to have some smaller displays of aquarium plants around the house. I wanted to know if there was a cheaper alternative to the Tropica Aquacube, which is way too expensive. I nearly won a supafish aquacube on Ebay (from PFK) but the item was withdrawn last night and I can't find any for sale anywhere. Also, is it necessary always to have a CO2 diffuser as I already have one but can't see how it would fit into a smaller vessel.
Basically, I want to know if anyone has mini set ups of aquarium plants in smaller vessels and what the cheapest and most effective way is to go about it...

Crikey I sound nerdy BUT they are so pretty!!

Here is a photo of the melange which is the current aquarium....

ulster exile

6 Jul 2007
Birmingham, UK
Check out ebay - these guys do a number of similar design, but diff sized tanks (20l to 72l I think). Comes with overhead luminaire, hang on back filter and heater. Saw a 54l version go for £25 last week with £10 postage!

I'm not allowed them :arghh:

ETA: Oops, forgot the link! linky


3 Sep 2007
All my local pet shops sell these nano setups, they appear to be the in thing - the new goldfish bowl so to speak . But not the local LFS's for some reason.