First planted tank- Two Towers

Spider Pig

18 Mar 2008
Been pretty busy over last month or so and unfortunately have neglected the tank a bit. Went away for 10 days over xmas and when I came back all the plants were overgrown. However this had the beneficial effect of acting like a feedback loop as it blocked light and so slowed growth and demand from other plants and so there actually wasn't that much algae- a few patches of BGA at the top and BBA where the flow had been totally blocked. I kept on procrastinating about cleaning up as I knew it would be a big job and cut down on ferts in case they were not all being used up. Finally got around to it this weekend and cleared it out (or at least the wife did.) Nothing dramatic to report, just ticking along, however it does demonstrate the inherent stability of planted tanks.

Planning to do a rescape in a month or so's time as going to be busy till then so just going to keep things stable.

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