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7 Apr 2008
nr Bath
Hi all,
The even more confusing part is they swim together as if they are the same species.
They might be the same species, the fish markings look similar, just not the colour. I know that some wild caught silver coloured Tetra sp. develop <"gold colouring in the wild">.
.........The standard colour of the fish is a rather dull silvery grey, with a little colour in the fins. However in certain areas in nature, the species is sensitive to a particular type of trematode parasite. This causes a reaction in the skin of the fish, resulting in a spectacular metallic gold colouration formed by deposits of guanin. When initially discovered, these golden fish were mistakenly described as a new species, Hemigrammus armstrongi. This is now considered a junior synonym of H. rodwayi.......
cheers Darrel

Geoffrey Rea

27 May 2017
They might be the same species
I suspect so @dw1305 hence the intrigue. They’re bycatch and their behaviour is like they’re attached by string, separate for a small period then head back together again.

@Fisher2007 The yellow marking on the tail makes them similar but it’s only on the top and as you say there’s a lot of variation. Beyond my ability to identify so appreciate the pointer.
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