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Fish Tank Recommendations

Rachael Donaldson

New Member
4 Jan 2020
Hi all,
I’m looking at buying a fish tank and would appreciate your thoughts. The one I’m currently looking at is the EA Freshwater 900, but I know Juwel sell similar ones.

I’d appreciate your insights on recommended brands - would like quality build!

Thank you!

Tim Harrison

5 Nov 2011
Like Zeus mentions it all depends on what sort of look you're after, it's proposed situation and what type of system you plan to run. EA Freshwater 900 and Juwel are both similar closed top or tanks with hoods.

Juwel have a built in filter as well as lights, and as such is an all in one plug in and play solution. The filter is fine if you plan on a low-energy tank, that is one without CO2. The filter isn't really adequate for CO2 Tanks. If you want to add CO2 an option would be to remove the filter and buy a separate canister filter. Another would be to add a powerhead.

The EA tank on the other hand does not have a built in filter and will require a separate filter, usually a canister filter. So if you plan on adding CO2 this might be a more cost effective or convenient option.

Then there are open topped tanks without hoods. These tanks are the ones most used by planted tank enthusiasts and aquascapers, since they add another dimension viewed from above and allow for emersed plant growth. They are often made with optiwhite or low iron glass to improve viewing. Popular makes are ADA Cube Garden and the EA Aquascaper range. Aquarium Gardens also has its own range as well.