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Fish then Plants, or Plants then Fish?


29 Jan 2008
I've been thinking of the last week or so and wondering if in the planted/aquascaping world I'm doing things backward. Let me explain...

Since I chilled a load of harlequins to death, I decided to get the fantastic Celestial Pearl Danio as my main shoal of fish, I knew from the offset that these fish like to hide in the plant cover but their beauty and keeping what I considered non-standard fish to be a good experience.

Then during my recent rescape, I purchased 20 pygmy cories, again for their unusal size and cuteness!

So, I've got c. 20 CPDs, c. 20 pygmy cories and about 5 Ottos in my tank which occupy the lower reaches of my tank for 99% of the time.

I've started to realise that my "algae cleanup crew" isn't sufficient after looking at the results that my CRS are having in my nano. So I've started to think about getting some Amano shrimp to help things in my larger tank. But then, I'll have even more that will be along the floor more of the time.

So, my planted tank is getting to where I want it, I've started to think that my species of fish are no longer suitable to what fits into my plans. I know the LFS would be willing to take them and I know they do give my reasonable price.

But what's the way that people look at the plants and fish relationship? Do they get plants then think of fish or the other way around?

I've always been a fish person and plant around them (which is fine!) but I'd like to see my fish now and again!


14 Apr 2009
I think it depends. If you're a fish person, or want to keep a particular type of fish they you'll plant around them. If you're doing a biotope, you'll obviously create the environment that the fish want.

I thik the general rule of aquascaping is to stock the tank after planting. It's probably better that way if you're into aquascaping, because you can buy the fish that best fits the aquascape itself.

John Starkey

8 Jul 2007
Hi Clarke,i always plan my tanks with the fish and plants decided on before i start,i will read books and take note of the plants and fish used and if anything takes my fancy i will concider it,
regards john.

Mark Evans

13 Jun 2008
newark notts.
Clarke mate, thanks for the comment on the site :D

I'm still a noob when it come to fish, but i go for colours as often as poss. i dont really care much for "true" species as my balloon ram showed...oh and the platinum angels. if they look nice i'll have em.

for me plants then fish! :D