Fluctuating carbon levels

Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by beeky, 7 Nov 2008.

  1. beeky

    beeky Member

    Chippenham, Wiltshire
    Assuming no CO2 injection and just dosing Excel/Easycarbo, if the dosing fluctuated, would there be a detrimental effect on plant growth? I'm thinking instead of dosing every day, dose once a day for a few days, then not dose for a day, dose again, leave for two days etc etc. Would the plants have a reserve or would they start suffering straight away? I did wonder if there might be an algae problem triggered like there can be with unstable CO2, but the algacidal properties of the product would probably prevent that to some degree.

    Anyway, any thoughts?
  2. Ed Seeley

    Ed Seeley Member

    I believe that the gluteraldehyde only persists for around 24 hours in the water so you would have nothing left after 24 hours! I think it has to be a daily dose if you're using it as your sole carbon source.
  3. Graeme Edwards

    Graeme Edwards Founder Staff Member

    Wirral/Chester Cheshire.
    Like everything in the planted hobby, good routine is vital, but some methods with tolerate the odd lacks day, ADA full system fro example.
    I would advice against doin it, but forgetting the odd day shouldn't cause you to much bother.


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