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Fluval 407 Spray Bar Advice needed


New Member
5 Jan 2020
South Yorkshire

Last year I purchased the Fluval 407 and finally got round to getting a spray bar and installed this along the back of the tank (I need another piece to fit the length of the tank), I cleaned the filter and I also moved some stuff around in the tank which caused the stuff in the substrate to be dragged up, but with the spray bar it just goes from back to front of tank and keeps cycling like that.

Both my intake and outlet are on the same side (left looking at it), with the outlet nearer the back of the tank so the spray bar can be stuck to the back. The intake is next to this and about 1inch above the substrate. I can't move the pipes due to the length of them and because of my lid which has a cut section for where the pipes are.

Do I need to raise the intake higher to pull this waste back into the filter, or will it gradually sort itself out?


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