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Fluval LED 3.0 / Dwarf hair grass

Sam A

3 Apr 2020
Hello All,
I have a 20 gal bow front tank (UFO 550 Aqauaone), and I had been trying to grow carpet out of Dwarf Hairgrass (Eleocharis Parvula) for many months now - and failing miserably!

The substrate is Tropica Soil powder, but the distance from substrate to lights is around 23”.
I have decided to change the old lights to a Fluval LED 3.0 strip.

I would like some suggestions / recommendations on the intensity adjustments and photo period for this light - in order to grow the carpet, and offcourse keep algae at bay!

Currently I tried photoperiod of 8 hours with pressurised CO2 and algae crept in along with BBA...so I reduced the lights to 5 hours and everything seems to be in balance from the last 3-4 weeks.

thanks for your help in advance!
Best regards

“The substrate is Tropica Soil (powder), lights are Arcadia LED freshwater Pro 590mm x 2 lights. Pressurised CO2 at 1.5 bubble per second, Filter is Eheim 250 experience, and flow pump – koralia pump. EI ferts – macro one day, micro another day. Very hard water in my area- Dunstable (so using half RO, and half tap)”

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