Fluval M60


25 Jul 2010
I am looking for a tank with an internal filtration system - I have a spot on my kitchen work top that needs filling, but I don’t want anything external to the tank. Looking at the juwels with the corner box filters, but heard bad reviews about the filters themselves.

Then I saw the fluval M60. Designed for marine, so has built in sump at the back. Good size for the space too.

Can someone more knowledgable take a look and tell me if there any reason why I can’t stuff it full of filter media and use it as a freshwater tank?

Taking a look at a few pics online, it looks like the water flow between each chamber is at the top, which makes no sense to me, would I not want it flowing top to bottom to top? If so, how easy is it to break the silicone, turn the dividers around and silicone them back in again?

Found one fairly local second hand for a good price, they’ve only ever used it as a freshwater tank


1 Oct 2016
Never had the Fluvial M60 or seen one, however son has an Aqua one nano with sump at back of tank. We wasn't keen on the compartments so we cut the back out moved the compartments around a bit siliconed it back and it's been fine, after all its not rocket science and the mighty moder 'Zozo' would have no issues with it.
Pretty sure the aqua one nano has had fresh water and salt water scrapers use it. After all the only difference is the hardness of the water IMO

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