[FoF] UKAPS Saturday Breakfast meet.

Discussion in 'Events' started by Steve Smith, 9 Oct 2008.

  1. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Member

    Leamington Spa, UK.
    It got mentioned in the main FoF thread so thought I'd start a new thread to maybe organise a get together on Saturday (and Sunday?) morning before the show opens for breakfast/social if anyone is interested.

    Now, I have no idea what's down there, so I can't suggest a place really. That's where I'm hoping one of the guys who went last year can step in :)

    I believe the show opens at around 9am or 10am (someone correct me!). It'd be cool to meet up somewhere before hand and get a cup of tea and have a bit of a social.

  2. Egmel

    Egmel Member

    Guildford, Surrey, UK
    If I'm down in time for what ever time you arrange then count me in.

    Not sure what there is in the area, Havant has a lot but not so sure about Hayling Island.

    The holiday village should have somewhere to grab a cuppa though.
  3. Superman

    Superman Member

    there is a bar in here, were here now waiting for dan.

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