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From Marine to Planted


16 May 2013
OK so today i underwent the 1st stages of the change, i have emptied my tank and had a real good clean out this took nearly 4 hours lol, all algae etc has been removed. After this i have broken down my canister filter (fluval 405), removed all media and carbon etc and all compartments are now currently soaking overnight waiting for another clean tomorrow.

I have also been out and purchased some really nice pieces of dragon stone, so another clean tomorrow and ill nip out and get some substrate and then i will look at setting up a hard scape pictures will follow soon........​
Looks really good, I like that rock, although if I was being picky I would say the line on the right was a little regimented. I don't think that will be as apparent once it's planted up though.

Are you going to keep the marine background or switch to black?

ok so not the best pic but you can see the lay out there, will be replacing inlet and outlet with glass lily pipes probably in 3 weeks at payday 🙂
As far as flow goes the pump in there at the moment is on loan from stemag, so am deciding wether to get the same pump maybe buy his and attach a spraybar or to just put a powerhead over the top of my co2 diffuser