George's 65cm Natural Aquario

George Farmer

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30 Jun 2007
Thanks guys! :)

Sorry, couldn't help the little teaser...

I have the tank etc. but am waiting on plants. Also I have very limited Internet in my accommodation so I'm afraid photos won't be posted for a while. Probably next week.

I'll post tank specs and plant list later. :)

Thanks again for the interest. I hope not to disappoint.

George Farmer

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30 Jun 2007
Hi guys,

Thanks for the interest, and apologies for the delay in posting. My only Internet currently is via cellular data on my iPhone.

Anyway, I'm temporarily connected properly with my computer so here's a few pics...










Specs -

Tank and cabinet - NA custom-build, 65x40x40cm, matt white cabinet
Lighting - NA LED 6 x 18w lamps, matt white finish - (3 x 18w lamps, 6 hours)
Filter - Fluval G6 with TMC glassware, TWINSTAR mini
CO2 - TMC in-tank diffuser, glass bubble counter, non-return valve, 3BPS (with no livestock)
Substrate - Tropica Plant Growth Substrate (2 x 2.5L) with Unipac Samoa
Ferts - 5 squirts Tropica Specialised daily
Water - Hard tap water (conductivity approx 700uS), unheated - 21C
Plants - All Tropica's Green (Easy) range - E. parvula, C. wendtii various, C. willisii, M. 'narrow', M. 'Trident', A. 'petite', L. 'red', H. polysperma 'Rosenervig', R. rotundifolia, Eleocharis 'tall', B. heudolitii, S. repens
Hardscape - Redmoor and Sumatra combined with cable ties

Overall I'm impressed with the NA system. Build quality is good overall but I had some minor teething problems. These were sorted without too much drama. The overall finish is very nice.

I decided not to use the stainless steel inlet and outlet because the flow is too harsh and direct vs. a lily pipe. Also I prefer glass to steel in a tank from an aesthetic perspective.

I'm using an in-tank diffuser for a change. Actually I quite like it and it's surprising efficient. I used a drop checker with 4dKH solution and it bright yellow after an hour at 3BPS using a glass bubble-counter.

The lighting is very bright and gives a nice colour rendition. Amongst the best from a non-controllable LED. It has 6 x 18w lamps that resemble 36w PC T5 tubes, but filled with small LEDs. They are switched via two mains plugs - 3 lamps for each plug. Currently I have the one plugged in for 6hrs.

The big lump of Seiryu on the left is keeping the wood under water!

I'll add a load of Amano and cherry shrimp in the next week or so. Fish selection undecided but a few species with a taller bodies to match the mix of colour and texture, and aspect ratio of the tank.

Thanks again for the interest and patience. :)



21 Mar 2013
Looks really nice. Is that chrome trim above the cabinet door? Anddd have you claimed this as your room? It seems to have nothing but a chair and a tank!!

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