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Getting algae after starting EI dosing, what to do?


Thread starter
27 Dec 2008
Clive, I won't be bying any more Rowaphos from Mr Smith thats for sure. 8)

The best match from the pictures in the tropica catalouge leads me to believe that it is Echinodorus 'red flame'. Trouble is when I first got a load of my plants I just picked out what looked nice in my LFS and planted them where I thought appropriate from the label information supplied. Stupidly I then threw all the labels away so I'm not certain of the latin names for many of them. Still another lesson learned (keep the labels :oops: ).

I reckon I caught the leaf with a syphon hose as it wouldn't have been the first time that I had damaged one in this way and the damage did look consistant to past experiences with an erratically placed hose end.

I do know exactly what you mean about it still being early days but I feel certain that the worst is over, which is also born out by the way my tank is now looking (I really must try and sort a picture out for you). I would rather not go back to the flourish excel if I can help it as my vallis has taken a big hit but hopefully it will be resilient enough to bounce back and spread well within a month or two. Its a shame that I like the vallis so much as if it wasn't for that I could just run with the addition of excel all the time and it wouldn't bother me a bit. Still if I can get away without using it and manage to keep the vallis it would be the best option and the least cost one to boot.

Regards, Chris_unplugged 8).

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