Getting Better Newbie


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10 Sep 2019
Hello fellow aquascaping people. Im a UK guy here that found my passion for indoor plants years ago, and now aquascaping. I am about 3yrs into this and I can say that I have made many mistakes and wasted tons of money. I love this hobby and hope to gain some insights as well as share. I currently have 3 tanks. a 2 ltr one, 54ltr and 100ltrs. My fish are Red Chilli Rasboras, Neon Green Rasboras, Wild Green Neons, Neons, Amber Tertras. Snails, Malaysian, Assassin, and pond snails. I also have tons of Red Cherry Shrimp and one Blue Shrimp. ( dont ask what happened to his friends lol). I dont inject Co2 now, as it was too much of a hassle. I have two tanks with dirt bottoms 20lts and 54ltrs and the 100ltr is now a Onyx sand bottom. Currently getting ready to change the 20ltr to the same. My lights are 25w CFL on the smaller ones and a Fluval Plant LED on the 100ltr. I run all tanks on a 4hrs lights on, and 3 hrs rest and 4 hrs on again in a day. My plants are run of the mill easy plants, mostly Java ferns, and crypts and Egeria and Vallisneria. Currently trying to get more interesting plants to grow. I feed plants with SeaChem Equalibrium and my fish get frozen foods and peas and spinach. Thanks.