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Giving up on my Eheim Pro3 350


15 Mar 2011
The classic filter is superb.

But stupidly a few years ago I fell for the hype and got the new pro 3.

I hadn't had it that long when the bit the hoses connects to that plugs into the top of the filter, stooped working, lever would hardly move. I broke the lever getting it off.

This was replaced under warranty.

Then the lid started leaking around the power cable. This too was replaced under warranty.

I kept it as a spare and used a cheapo filter which lasted a few years and finally broke a few months ago.

So back to my Pro 3.

Today, the same piece, the lever wouldn't go across, I was as gentle as I could be, I finally managed to prise it from the lid. On further inspection it's broken internally, moving the lever only shuts the outlet tube, it no longer shuts the inlet tube and bits of plastic fall out if I shake it.

The classic just works, so rather than spend money repairing this one, I'm looking for a second hand 2217..

I must stop falling for new is better because very often it isn't., The classic just works and does a good job.

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