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Gold fish bowl


6 Jul 2007
Aston, Oxfordshire
Just thought I would let people in the Oxford area know, The Gold Fish Bowl have just spent £5k sorting out their plants and in around two weeks will be ripping out their out dated cascade system in favour of a complete dennerle system. CO2, base layer substrate, heater cables :)shock: thats what happens if you give them free reign to do what they like) the works. They will obviously also be stocking dennerle plants which means no HC or HM as far as I could tell from the book but plenty of other choice and glassware too, including pH drop checkers. Hopefully the price will be reasonable. Barry seemed to take great pleasure in showing we the series 4 Arcadia MH lights they have got, two of them!! Complete beasts they are. They will also be stocking JBL and Dennerle CO2, including 2kg cylinders so I'm told. I just hope the price compares favourably to FE's.

I'll pop back in a few weeks once its all up and running to have another look and take some photos and will try and get a flyer or two pinned somewhere ;)

Hope this is of help to someone :)