Gonna try TPN+ on my nano's...waterchanges and tips...

Discussion in 'Aquarium Fert Dosing' started by JohnC, 6 Feb 2009.

  1. JohnC

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    14 Nov 2008
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    I started with EI and am somewhat going backwards for my nanos but i presume the theory i have learned for dosing is the same. So for ease of use and what i've seen in some journals here, good results, i'm going to try Tropica TPN+ for my two nanos.

    Going from reading Dan's thread on his 10L nano journal i'm going to try 1ml of TPN+ a day for my 10L. I presume i should just do 2ml a day for my 20L.

    Not having the bottle infront of me and just reading the online instructions am i right in saying they suggest a 25% waterchange every two weeks, which i think my shrimp will like.

    But obviously they also suggest less dosing and once a week different amounts....

    So, what do you suggest i do about water changes?

    EI logic makes me lean towards 50% to keep water param's from building up too insanely and keeping the fish happy.

    Do i dose more on water change day?

    Are there any issues with the TPN+ mix? Iron cleating reacting with phosphate in the bottle (i'd hope not), not enough potassium? etc..... I will be using it with RO water.

    Your advice very welcome,

    best Regards,

  2. Themuleous

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    6 Jul 2007
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    Re: Gonna try TPN+ on my nano...water changes and tips...

    I won;t do anything different on water change day than you would on any other day. So if that 1ml in the 10lt then stick with that.

    I would also be tempted to do a 50% w/c each week, it cant really hurt I don't think and on a 10lt and 20lt its not as if it'll make it much more of a chore.

    I won't worry about the mixture of things in the bottle, Tropica use a very good chelator by all accounts, better than most, so you don't need to worry about things reacting with each other :)


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