Good Video - Rocks + tempered glass aquarium

Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by zig, 7 Sep 2007.

  1. zig

    zig Member

    4 Jul 2007
    Dublin Ireland
    This is a very interesting video link I found over on Planted tank and something Im sure most here have wondered about at some stage I know I definitely have. How many rocks are safe to put in your aquarium before it becomes overloaded and could potentially break?

    Interesting results!
  2. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer Member

    3 Jul 2007
    N. Wales
    There can`t be many people that thought aquarium glass could take that kind of weight. The most amazing thing is that all the weight was concentrated in one small area.

  3. beeky

    beeky Member

    21 Aug 2007
    Chippenham, Wiltshire
    Interesting, but what's with the abusive comments? How can people be offended by a tank full of rocks!

  4. James Flexton

    James Flexton Member

    21 Aug 2007
    Stotfold, Herts/Beds
    thats you tube for you. because it's not a video of a schoolgirl kicking a little old lady to the floor or a bloke weeing on a police car some of the people that go on there are not too interested in how many rocks can fit in a fish tank. sad but true of some people. unfortunatly those are the people who also feel the need to make stupid comments rather than just close it and move on. idiots..

    thanks for posting zig. i was having that same thought at the moment as my new tank will be here soon and it's a damn sight bigger than the 10G in that vid. after seeing that i may include my washing mashine in the scape! i think my worries are unnecessary, great news especially for my garden centre!

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