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grasslands nano thread closed.

Very nice Tim.... Your right on track for a success with this great scape! Watching with interest :)
Thanks Gary :)
As is customary with my tanks it seems, I've had some co2 issues :lol: big trim followed by a filter clean, co2 leak spotted around the filter hose, retightend job done I thought, unfortunately a little too tight the hose clip crushed the atomiser barb leading to a bigger leak and a flooded cabinet, tried George farmers approach of a few press ups decided I'm too old for that so settled for a few beers :lol: managed to stretch the filter hose over the threaded part of the atomiser ptfe tape and jobs a good un for now. Will try and stick a post trim pic up later. Oh and Purigen in filter, diatoms clear in a week thanks Ian holdich for the tip :thumbup:
Any updates? How did you remove the glass shelves of the tank? Just scrapped them off?

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Hi Ali, the tank didn't have shelves mate was rimless, had a couple of weeks of power cuts and co2 leaks, which has induced bba and staghorn algae, so I've removed livestock cut the light to one tube and started 90% daily water changes will get some pics up at the weekend, thanks for the interest :thumbup:
Ah bummer I hope it pulls back OK mate its a cracking little tank!

I just bought a clear seal tank and have removed the braces only to see it bow really bad, luckily I'm going to be keeping the water low and adding a fair few emergent plants!

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Ah bummer I hope it pulls back OK mate its a cracking little tank!

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Hopefully not :D I'll make it work mate wanna enter it into next years iaplc see if I can do better than 1900n something ;)
I've always gone for the clear seals without braces train of thought being they shouldn't bow :) so far so good.
Quick I phone pic from this evening cropped and run through snapseed app.

Not looking as healthy as I'd like so livestock removed to another tank so I can treat rocks with liquid carbon and dose high levels of co2 hopefully overcome the issues the tank has suffered over the last couple of weeks. Stems have been slow to bounce back, trimmed to harshly/ early followed by leaking co2 and power cuts starting to recover now though, couple of busy weeks at work ahead so won't reintroduce livestock until work slows down. Currently carrying out 90% water changes daily when I can fit them in.
Hey mark, nothing planned till new year now, got a bit of a bba outbreak to sort out in my 3ft tank again due to blocked atomiser (co2 is testing my patience lately) have used the rocks from this to rescape a little low tech I've had running for a while, may set this up low tech in the new year really need to stop underestimating the intensity of t5 lighting :lol:
Im with you on the co2 thats why im going low tech until I get my custom reg built then I will have another go at it :)