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Green Water


Thread starter
25 Jun 2009
Basingstoke, Hampshire
Sorry about the late reply! Due to the physical size of my tank (only 6" high after taking off the height of substrate) I can't fit one of those internals in even if I did manage to reduce the flow.

Still, I've kept looking for a UV and the smallest external I could find was this; http://www.swelluk.com/aquarium/aqu...sterilizers-74/aqua-medic-helix-max-7010.html rated for tanks between 50 to 150 litres. Sadly it looks like there's no room in the housing to stuff it full of filter floss to reduce the flow, can anyone think of another way of reducing this or know of a smaller model?

In my search I also found; http://www.thegreenmachineaquatics....tics/_6 8337203902 3/199022/Sera Aquariaclear at the TGM, a chemical based flocculent solution. I'm not sure if this would be safe to use with inverts though? Looks cheap and could be effective? :?

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