Greetings from Denmark


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15 Feb 2019
Hi all

I thought I would introduce myself. I live in Copenhagen Denmark and currently have 2 tanks setup. One 140 gallon/530 liter large tank i my living room. A heavily planted setup inspired by the Dutch-style, although by no means by the book with regard to it. It has quite a lot of different plant species in it and medium light with co2 injection by reactor driven by a canister filter. Fish-wise it is a community tank with some Manacapuru angels, some roseline sharks and a school of phantom tetra. There is also a L240 catfish lurking around in there. He spends most of his time in his clay catfish-cave though.

Upstairs i have a 14 gallon/60 liter Dennerle cube aquarium setup. Also planted with co2 fertilization. It has some Rotala H'ra, Ludwigia Palustris and Anubias in it. With regard to fish, there's a couple of Dutch rams, a small school of ruby tetra and some shrimps hanging out in there.

That is about it from me. I'm looking forward to roaming around in here.

All the best