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GUIDE: Auto Dosing EI (Estimative Index) With Jebao / Jecod DP Series

This guide was very helpful, thanks! A tip for anyone who prefers to dose closer to their photoperiod: you can set the time on your pump plus 12 hours. All other settings are per the OP tutorial. In my case, the pumps operate at 11:59 AM and 12:01 PM.
Think I will invest in one of there pumps.great for weekends away etc
I wouldn't. Just use it routinely. For a weekend away, if you mucking around with settings, many things can go wrong. The calibration period needs to be one of careful observation and checks.
Might sound like an obvious one, but if you use one of these, make sure you keep the dosing bottles topped up! Mine are hidden and they had run out while I was away last week

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The doser can be fitted in the cabinet!
Mostly anything....if your dosing Liquid Carbon best to use a dark coloured bottle.
You could use litre water bottles for the fertilizers!
Oh and what containers are people using for the mixes?



I haven't purchased the Jebao DP-4 yet, but I have been piecing together all the bits I'll need. For a clean and simple look I wanted something cylindrical (I may have to have them sitting on a wall mounted) and I found these.

Voss Artesian Still Water 4x500ml Plastic Bottles https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00KFFAB7M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_RKwAybN19YJ5P

The brand printing will apparently wash off the bottles easily. I'll be dosing the TNC range and some JBL potassium.
I purchased DP-3 just before Christmas and have set it up as per Jag's guide (many thanks) and all is working fine so far.

I ended up just using 2 x 500ml spring water bottles for containers but will probably replace for these for something a bitter bigger.
Good explain Ryan.This gona be next purchase.Because very helpful,when I am on holiday.
Anyone had the newer version of this with the control panel on front please? I've had to send THREE back now due to not dosing randomly at required times, yet worked at other times. Simply didn't work some days! 🙁
Mine turned up today if i want to dose every 7 days is it 7 on the intervals.
got the the rest running ok.
Im bench testing it on the table first over the next few days to make sure its working and dosing all ok.
Thanks Simon.