Discussion in 'Plant Help' started by Nick16, 18 May 2009.

  1. Nick16

    Nick16 Member

    Surrey, UK
    hi, after planting this, (E.acicularis) i still have about 1-2cm of a clump sticking up out of the substrate. how dco i remove this. there are new shoots all around each clump. but it looks ugly. i have cut it as low as i can to the substrate but how do you guys achieve it?

    i am thinking about doing an iwugumi with just acicularis but i dont want it to look horrible with the dying clumps there that have had their heads chopped off.

    can i just remove the clumps and the new shoots will keep growing?
  2. a1Matt

    a1Matt Member

    I'd leave the clumps in place, as you might get some more shoots off of them. I'd only take them out when the rest of the coverage is pretty dense.

    I don't have much experience with hairgrass but have found that if I cut a leave short that it will then die off within a few weeks.
  3. Superman

    Superman Member

    I never cut down before planting and do never had any short clumps.
    You could remove it but then it'd only pull up all the runners and it might be more hassle than it's worth?
    Could you cut the clumps even shorter?

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