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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by jonnyjr, 7 Sep 2009.

  1. jonnyjr

    jonnyjr Member

    22 Aug 2009
    Having moved back from marines to planted tanks again, I am planning a 36x 18 x 24 high, high tech planted tank. I have sorted everything so far. But still have a niggling in my mind about lighting. I have a 250w dimmable halide ballast and reflector etc, I also have T5 starters for 6 x 39w T5's and gullwing reflectors. Just looking for peoples opinions on which they would choose, or anyone who has experience of using halides for planted tanks. The range of bulbs and kelvin ratings is pretty limited from what I can find out for halides. I like the ability to alter how the tank looks with T5's buy just changing one or two bulbs. There is also the heat issue of halides. So may I have your opinions please people. :D
  2. mattyc

    mattyc Member

    17 Oct 2008
    Thelwall, Warrington
    A lot of people are moveing towards Halide lights now you can move the light higher above the tank to reduce the intencity. i would go with this if i was you. :D

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