Product Review Hanging LED pendants - ONF flat one (2")

Dave S

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2 Jul 2016
Towcester UK
Hi everyone,

I've shut down my EA1200 tank and am selling off the lights. These are two ONF flat one pendants.

While running the tank was as shown in the photo below:

These lights have been great, plenty of power (I ran them at 35%) and algae was no prob. At higher power, 35%+, I also ran a TwinStar Nano and had no algae issues at up to 90% light emission.

If anyone is interested in trying these lights out check my eBay listings.

I've really enjoyed having them but I'm downsizing and simplifying my planted setup as I'm going back to uni and starting a new job.

These are a seemingly rare (here in the UK) and high quality light. Worth picking up at half of MRP and import duty.

All the best,



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