Hanging planters, have you used them?

Discussion in 'Hardware & DIY' started by ghostsword, 19 Nov 2009.

  1. ghostsword

    ghostsword Member

    Cape Town, South Africa
    Been looking thru the web for a planter for a fish tank, something that I could hang on the glass either with suction cups or with hooks.

    See a couple of items that could work, the ones from Riparium Supply (www.ripariumsupply.com) have been the best ones so far, however Bean Pod is also good.

    Riparium Supply planter is just too expensive, $10 for three planters, plus the shipping to the UK it is just too expensive, if it was manufactured in the UK, for sure it would take hold.

    I guess that I have to look at using the Bean Pods as aquarium planters, at around £5 they are cheaper, and easy to use as well.

    Obviously I do not have the trellis raft that Riparium offers, but that can easy be made using close cell foam, not a big deal.

    The question is, aren’t all of these just containers with suction cups on them? A plastic container can cost as little as £2, and suction cups are also cheap.

    Also, if one has plastic containers, one could silicone bark, wood or pebbles to it.

    I have seen them for sale on three different sites, one in the US and two in Europe.

    What do you think? Have you used any of them?
  2. dw1305

    dw1305 Expert

    nr Bath
    Hi all,
    I don't really see any advantage to them, you can plant an ordinary filter sponge with mosses, Java fern, Anubias etc., and fasten them to the back wall with suckers, easy to move, and very effective. When I ran Hamburg Matten filters, I used to plant the tops of them, and that was very successful as well. I've also siliconed planted cork bark and peat blocks to the back wall, same result, both easy and successful.
    cheers Darrel
  3. ghostsword

    ghostsword Member

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Hi Darrel, good idea using the filter sponges for Java ferns and anubias. I mentioned the hanging planters for plants that need substrate, such as cryptocoryines, Draecenas and Hydro's.
    Look at this website for some examples: www.ripariumsupply.com. They are based in the US, so the shipping of the planters would be too expensive, but one can obtain the same result with caddies in the UK.

    The filter sponges is indeed a good idea, and that I will use then for sure, as they have a lower profile than wood, thanks for the tip.


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