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Critique my hardscape Hardscape Choice - Rescaping


19 Mar 2021
Aalborg, Denmark

I am rescaping my 54 litres aquarium and being a novice I am just so confused :D.

I have a black background tank and plan to do a triangle layout nature scape with emphasis on the wood. I got some red moor wood and initially thought of just a wood only layout as such :
Scape with only driftwood.png
Planted Scape with only driftwood.png

But I feel there is something missing with the wood only layout. Seems a bit incompete to me.
I then thought that I should have some rocks to act as supporting features to the main wood feature. I could draw up two options as follows :
1. Dragon stone
Scape with dragon stone.png
Planted Scape with dragon stone.png

2. Mini Landscape Rock
Scape with mini landscape rock.png
Planted Scape with mini landscape rock.png

Would like some feedback on which among the options above would be more visually pleasing or if you would do it in a totally different way but still sticking to the core triangualar layout.

PS: More information about the tank and driftwood can be seen in the journal here: Rescaping/Restarting a 54L. Stepping up from novice level


2 Dec 2017
The Netherlands
Nice wood! I think the mini landscape rocks will definitely make the hardscape more interesting. It will add detail and it has a nice contrasting color next to the wood. Challenge is to keep the wood as the main vocal point, so don’t use too much underneath it. What might also be something to try is breaking the right part of the wood and aligning it more to the left. Right now it seems a bit to centered which gives it a slight unnatural feeling. Hope this helps :)