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have i got this right?


New Member
4 Nov 2007
just about to start a planted system for the first time having kept a reef system for 5 yrs. do the following seem appropriate

30 x24x20 tank (50 gallons) Luminaire with 2 dennerle tubes
tetra plant substrate, depth of an inch covered with a layer of river sand
ehiem thermo freshwater filter ( keeping heater out of the tank!) remove any chemical filtration.
Any ideas on a good co2 system for a 50 gallon tank? Also has anybody had success growing a tropical minature water lilly within a tank.? i remember an article in PFK a few years back. Seemed to suggest potting it up in a pond lilly basket. want the tank to be open , how high should the pendant be positioned over the water? would not want to burn leaves or possible flowers!


6 Jul 2007
Aston, Oxfordshire
Crap I wrote a huge long response but my dam f###ing computer arsed up on me!

Right start again!

First thing you need to decide is high or low light. Low = less time and money but less plant choice. High = unlimited plant choice but more money and maintenance.

2 tubes would be low to mid light, is there any option to increase this to three or four tubes? Do you know what type of tubes they are? Don't forget there is a big difference between marine and plant tubes :)

Why the tetra substrate? There is also the tropica base layer substrate which gets good reviews, as does the tetra one to be fair. Have you thought about a complete substrate like eco-complete?

Not heard of a mini lily, others might be able to help there.

Hope thats everything :)