Hello all from East London!


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23 Jan 2020
Hi, I'm Thomas, 33, and been into fish tanks since I was a little boy with 12 years. I used to live in south America where the weather was just great for this hobby and I spent a long time into it.

Back to UK I always had the weather, water, being two big obstacles in why not to have an aquarium, but yesterday I've been to a store in Bethnal Green and OMG, I felt at home, and yes, I want to go back into it! I've been away from it since I moved back to UK, around 3 years ago.
I've got to start fresh and I have to go small. Weather is very different, the water too.
I'm going for a fresh water 66x33x23 which is the space I'll have available in a hash tag shaped shelf I'll have in the wall.
I'm going with planted, easy maintenance plants (no co2 at 1st), DIY LED lighting, and a internal lateral sump. Maybe a internal pump with baskets. This is just my 1st thoughts about it.

Here is my previous main and last build, back to 2016. I had a really sentimental hard time tearing it apart before moving back here in London.