hello from a new aquascaper!


New Member
15 Aug 2020
East Sussex
hello! i'm from the south east, and recently got into the hobby. i have always loved fish and aquariums as my dad and i would go fishing from when i was a tiny toddler, or be collecting tadpoles, smallfry and sticklebacks in gallon jugs.. super exciting i know, haha. for me, it started with a 7 litre nano, then a 54 litre, and now a 68 litre! due to being a student, (and a cheapskate) i bought the bigger tanks second hand, both £10. i was lucky enough to have a bursary pay during lockdown which allowed me to get serious- what else would the money go on?! right now, i have a betta in my 54 scape, and the 68 is cycling. i'm a sucker for any swaps and second hand things, and would love to get to know the community better. i haven't picked up a hobby i've been so in love with for a while, it's really gotten me through this pandemic! happy to be here, nice to meet you all!