Hello from Doncaster


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16 Sep 2019
South Yorkshire
Hello everyone, want to start by saying had a flick through the gallery and posts am lovin the scapes that have been created and carn't wait to get started myself.
I've kept fish since I was a kid and the past five years or so have been putting the odd plant in for decoration. Started seeing photos from aquascaping contests and the interest has just kept growing this past year.
Been doing the research on the do's n dont's online, watched a few tutorial vids on youtube and bought the book sunken gardens by Karen A Randall which has helped alot.
I have made myself a custom tank stand and built it into the alcove in the living room(which still needs finishing off) I have started to buy the odd piece of hardscape to start mocking up a layout but still need a few bits to finish it off, ive attached some photos thankyou for reading.