Hello from Hockwold Norfolk.

Stuart Davies

New Member
4 Jan 2020
Thetford Norfolk
Hi everyone,

Just a quick hello from me, I've kept koi carp for the past 20 years and dabbled with tropical tanks on and off over that period. Last spring we got my 13 year old daughter a Juwel Rio 125 Led tank as she wanted to keep some tropical fish, as per usual she enjoys the choosing and purchasing of the fish but not really into the cleaning and maintenance lol. When I got the tank I watched juwel promotional video in which they set up an aquascape using the rio 125 and since then I have been following aqua scaping via YouTube mostly. We payed a visit to Aquarium Gardens in Wyton yesterday and definitely came away inspired. At present we have way to many fish for an aquascape so may have to look at rehoming a few before we make a start.

Anyway look forward to interacting with you all and would appreciate anyone's experiences with aqua scaping a juwel tank as I would like for my first attempt to stick with standard led lighting and bio flow in tank filtration.