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Hello from Peru


10 Mar 2008
Merry Christmas everyone :D After posting this thread I probably wont be able to reply to any posts for a while but I just couldn´t resist telling you what I have been up to....

This is a strange one for me as it is my first Xmas away from home.

I am in Peru and XMas is today (24th).... It should be tomorrow.
It is hot!.... It should be cold for Xmas!
I am in the wrong country! ... I should be in blighty with my family!

Strangeness aside, it is quite enjoyable. I am staying at my Peruvian friends house in the suburbs of LIma and she is throwing a medium size party at her house tonight. It is expected to last about 24 hours! (The NYE party is a 2 day affair, god help me!)

I will only manage 5 hours of the party as I then go to the airport and fly to Iquitos. This is 50km from the start of the Amazon so you can guess where I wlll be camping for the next week. Yeah baby yeah :D :D

Last week I walked the Inca trail (4 day hike through the andean mountains, camping and checking out Inca ruins along the way) and collected between 30 and 50 new species of mosses!!!! Reds, yellows, oranges, liquorice colours, variegated mosses, amazing shapes. Most off a moss wall over a mile long (the side of an andean mountain). There was some awesome liverworts as well but they werenñt as abundant so I left them be. All in all the trail was possibly one of the best experiences of my life (no exageration).

Unfortunately I couldn´t get the moss out of the country. Í tried DHL, UPS, and the local service (Serpost). As there is a huge cocaine trade here they check every package in great scrutiny. At the point of handing it over at the office counter they literally open it and pull it apart completely. Every package, with no exceptions ...and no license = no sending plants back. I just hope that one day someone with a license will come collecting here.

What a holiday! I´m back in blighty on the 5th Jan after my 1 month runs out...
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