Hello from Selby, North Yorkshire


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10 Jul 2019
Selby, North Yorkshire, UK
Hi all

I am not new to aquatic plant keeping but I am new to the UK. I kept plants for almost 5 years then my hand was forced into keeping fish when I received some plants with peppered cory eggs on them. That planted tank that has the cories in were given to a friend before I moved here.

I am keen to start up again but right now the situation isn't ideal for a large tank. With my home being a static caravan, the power outlet isn't sufficient enough to power a lot of things so I have to stick to a Pico style tank for now and work with what I have. The front of the caravan has really good lighting all day and gets very warm so it's ideal for a planted tank without the need for a pump and lighting.

Pics here of my previous tanks