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Hello, new to forum


14 May 2012
Whitworth, Lancs
I've just registered so thought I'd say hello :wave:
I've been keep fish for about 8 years, mainly my daughters 40 gallon tank that has lived in her bedroom. She had all the joy of the fish, I provided the nurture and maintenance wih none of the pleasure lol. As my daughters room has recently had a make over she decided that she no longer wanted the tank, so the fish have been rehomed and I now have the tank for myself :thumbup:
It will be a couple of months before I can set it up so have time to plan it properly. I thinking along the line of a low tech planted tank with angel fish.
I hoping to bug you all for tips and advice as I slowly get the tank going.
The first job (once the room it's going in is decorated) will be for hubby to build a new stand for it.


Its a great place to learn. How about posting a journal in the journals section so we can see your progress ? 🙂
Welcome aboard.
As Antipofish said; start a journal. I've found it the best way to learn, as people give hints and tips. It's also quite interesting reading back over your own journal to see how things developed. It's a lovely feeling looking back over old photos and seeing how everything has turned out.