Help: My aquascape needs rehab.

Discussion in 'Aquascaping' started by JamieH, 29 Jun 2008.

  1. JamieH

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    So... My tank. It's BORING. I feel like i need to add some drama of some sort.

    I recently simplified the layout a bit... but it's gone from overstuffed to just dull.

    Here's a picture today.... really poor quality, sorry - it's daytime and i've just added some profito (anyone else notice it clouds the water?)


    I'm thinking of making some more changes - let me know what you think of this idea:

    Reduce the plants to Crinum Thaianum, Crypt Wendtii 'Brown', beckettii 'brown', vallis and E. Tennellus.

    Create two asymetrical columns of Crinum (2 plants one side, 3 on the other), surround the base of the smaller column' of crinum with the Wendtii and plant the becketii in small groups around the larger one... then infill the rest of the substrate with a carpet of tennellus... the substrate will bank up slighty to one rear corner and the slope will be planted with vallis leading down to the first group of crinum.

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