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Help please,worried about substrate.


29 Jan 2008
Goodygumdrops said:
Ahem,Caribsea Eco Complete.Is it basically the same thing,anyone used it?(Sowwy :oops: )

It is different. I've used both, and was happy with them both. ADA Aquasoil actually is made from soil (it smells like soil, and there are bits of twig and roots in it). It's been turned into little granules though, which keep their shape (ie, it's not still a powder like fresh soil).

Eco Complete is not soil like, its a hard stony substrate. When I had it I was very pleased with it, however, I think it has changed a bit since then (search internet for discussions on new eco complete). It always seemed quite sharp for me. The plants grew great in it, and it looked really nice (it's a bit darker than ADA AS - although, again, I think the newer stuff is lighter). I wouldn't have been happy to put corydoras in my tank with Eco Complete, simply because of the hardness and sharpness of it. Ottos did fine though.

Eco Complete shouldn't be too hard to find in a shop, so you can have a look at that (it comes in a clear bag). There are hundreds of tanks with ADA AS on the internets (including this forum), so have a look at them.

It's a personal choice in the end - although I think if you put a vote on this forum ADA AS would win. I would prefer ADA AS over the Eco Complete I see in shops now, I think.

Good luck,



Thread starter
27 Oct 2008
Actually,I saw that thread and it looks great.I think you may have made my mind up for me.Wish I could go for that guy in Aberdeens eco,but no go at the mo.I'm almost positive Dobbies did this stuff so can buy a bag every now and again till I'm past Xmas.Hmm,I can see Santa bringing me some garden centre vouchers.
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