help with a doseing plan


11 Jan 2010
hi i need help with a dosing plan my tanks about 700l water volume with water flow that moves all the plants co2 injected light green checker with 342w of t5ho lighting ive tried ei could never remember what i was meant to dose. and doing water change on the same day every week was hard. i try and do Saturday or Sunday but who knows. ive spent the last 3 weeks using a plan nutri cal came up with (a program i found on here). normaly id spend time working out what i need to do and find a plan and adapt it to my needs but i just dont have the time to do the numbers , as ive been doing up my house. the problem is i seem to be geting algae all sorts of different types. ive upped every thing ive been adding co2 and ferts for the time being. but was wondering if anyone knew of some where i could find a "quick" fix to dosing that works. would like to dose every day i have loads off dry salts. thanks for any help off to bed now up at 7 to get back in the kitchen/building site. oh as i side thought i know i have an iron deficiency so i ve been adding AEs iorn supplement any ideas on how to stop the water going so cloudy would be appreciated ive tried 12 hours between macro and micro and splitting the iron over 2 doses still goes cloudy. wish i had more time to sit and read all the the posts