Help with my 25l aquascape plants


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24 May 2020
Afternoon guys.

Just over 2 weeks ago I set up a 25l aquarium with java moss on trees and Monte Carlo in the substrate and on the rocks and some Anubias bonsai in the cracks between rocks.
I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but everything seems To have died!
I’m running a 1.5w led light in the tank hood which is on for 6 hours a day.
The filter is a Ciano cf40 which has to be the worst filter ever!! So any suggestions without spending a fortune would be much appreciated.
I have started dosing Tropica plant growth 60 co2 2 hours before the lights come on.
I also dose 1ml of EL easy Carbo Each day prior to lights coming on and 0.5ml of EL profito and Ferro each day.
The substrate is Tropica soil with tetra active substrate on top and some fine black gravel.
I have 10 red cherry shrimp in the tank all doing fine.
Is this likely to recover or is it a case of stripping it out and starting again?
I have attached pictures when I set up and the mess it looks now.


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