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Help with Plant choice


New Member
24 May 2020
Can you guys help me with some plant ideas please.

I am running a 25l aquarium with Eheim pickup 45 and 1.5w LED light for 7 hours a day. I am dosing EL profits and Ferro daily with Tropica nutrient tabs in substrate, which is Tropica soil and growth substrate. I am also using the topica 60 co2 system.

I originally but HC Monte Carlo in for my carpeting plants in substrate and on the rock but they died pretty quick. I am now thinking to use eliocharis mini in the substrate to create the carpet as I have this going well in my 125l tank.
What would you guys advise to use to help create a carpet on some of the rocks, which I have circled in red and any ideas what plants I could place in the background circles yellow that would fit this scape as feel like it needs more plants.

Thanks Sean


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