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20 Dec 2015
Morning, I have a problem, or at least I think I have a problem with my tank. I have made a 800x400x400mm rimless and braceless tank.... all went well until..... I filled it. It has held for 2 days (no leaks) but last night I noticed what appeared to be microscopic bubbles at the seams?? If I pull and push they move. Can anyone identify this? I have posted pics of it. Dr google has given me 2 reasons
1 - they are ‘stress bubbles’ from the pressure of the water in the tank, these start at the top and feather down to nothing at the bottom
2 - seal failure

I drained the tank last night as it’s optiwhite 10mm and I do not want to replace it. Has anyone else seen this, do any professional people who build tanks or work with glass know what it is? I’d rather have good solid advice than guesswork as it’s next position is set up and I would rather not be watching antiques roadshow when it ends up in my lap, glass shards a plenty!!

Cheers andy


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