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High-tech, High-cost, First Tank!


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23 Nov 2020
Well.... we are officially 1 month in on this tank and there's been A LOT of changes! I think the algae heard me talking smack because it decided to show up all at once :). I've got the usual diatoms, some green dust, and staghorn (from being away for the weekend and the CO2 not turning on).

My tank parameters have been stable at 0ppm Ammonia, 0ppm Nitrite, and 20ppm Nitrate for several weeks now so I decided to introduce a few Amano's to help with the cleanup. I also had some unwanted snails hitch a ride on my plants, so I added an assassin snail to help out.

From a plant perspective, all my Buce melted so I've taken it out. I also removed the red root floaters as they were also melting (probably due to the flow of the tank). I may try adding some Buce in at a later date when the tank is a bit more established. Everything else seems to be growing like crazy, and I'm actually wondering the best way to trim my Rotala Green and Nanjenshan, as it's one giant bush and I'd like to have it grow taller. If anyone has tips on the best way to trim/replant these (and my Super Reds) I'd love some tips.

Pics below, thanks for reading and suggestions are always welcome :)


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