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HOB vs Canister


9 Sep 2012
Over the winter I broke down my eheim 2217 system and split the livestock and plants into two smaller tanks. one very small HOB and another with a sponge filter. over the 5 months til now, I have had great success with HC Cuba, Riccia and Java moss. now that the sun is out, I have started up the large tank again and the plants look really good with the extra CO2 which I did not have in the smaller tanks. but what I am getting is that dusty sediment all on the java moss from having a strong current. find it really annoying, and wondering if there is an option that might help me avoid this? it never really looks good and needs constant cleaning. found that the case in the past and finding it again. it looked best in my sponge filter tank. I have toyed with building a sump system to replace the canister, with an ability to adjust the flow. thinking that might help. anyone have similar problems. if I have good flow in the tank based on the design of my spray bar, could I then lower the LPH without effecting the plants?

also found that some more difficult mosses like fox grows much better without a current.



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